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September 9, 2019

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I wanted to share my article from Area Woman with Dahlia from this month. You can see the online version of the magazine here or read it down below.
This year back to school has a whole new meaning to me. I have a little one starting Kindergarten! One of us is really excited for the school year to start. The other one will be tearfully dropping her off at the bus stop! As my husband and I were explaining to Dahlia, my oldest daughter, what back to school shopping was, I quickly realized that he and I had different ideas. He kept talking about getting school supplies but we all know that “back to school” shopping is all about the clothes. Right? I wanted to share with you some of my back to school basics.


My daughter loves wearing dresses. Anywhere she can’t wear pajamas, she wants to be in a dress. I love to find dresses that have a basic print or a soft pattern so that they are more versatile and can be worn to school or church. Dresses with sleeves or ones that can easily be paired with a jean jacket or sweater are a great choice.


Leggings are great for wearing under dresses. My girls substitute leggings for tights. They tend to hold up better and keep my girls warmer. I normally get a couple of dark pairs and one light pair for them to wear to school. I love to find leggings that have a little detailing on them such as a bow on the back. Tootsie’s has a great pair with some lace detail on them.


My girls play really hard so I cannot have them wear leggings every day. They need something more durable too. They find their leggings more comfortable so I want to encourage them by buying their jeans a bit looser so they can run around in them more easily. Jeans pair so nicely with a lot of different tops, so they get a lot of use. Dahlia loves to match what I’m wearing so she’ll find a pair that are similar to time. A nice pair of jeans looks great in family photos as well.

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The girls like to have a pair of athletic shoes to run around in at school. Since those get worked pretty hard when they’re playing, a pair of bow shoes is perfect for church. A Mary Jane style shoe is nice because they stay on the girls’ feet much better than other styles. Finally, we always seem to have a pair of rain boots or warmer boots in the mix too depending on the season. I love having the girls match or wear similar things. I know someday they’ll make me stop doing that so I try to enjoy it as long as I can!

Fall Trends

I do not like to dress my girls like “little grown-ups” but I do like to put them in some things that are on trend. The trends I am loving for this fall are wild flower prints, bright red, animal prints, and faux fur accents. My girls always love wearing floral so that is an easy one to add. The faux fur accents I may save for myself but I’ll try and add some red to their closets as soon.


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