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January 27, 2017

Shirt: Adidas Originals, Leggings: Athleta, Shoes: Nike ($60), Hat: BP ($10),


Happy Friday! I am so excited that this week is over! I must have driven over a nail yesterday at some point and totally popped a tire.  Then, because of the wear on the other tires and having an all-wheel drive, we have to buy four new ones. #Adulting is so much fun! I think my older daughter enjoyed our evening of driving all over town figuring out our car issues though.  So I’m glad they’re at an age where they still think that is fun!

Starting in November I decided to start a new work out routine.  I signed up for an online group to get more accountability and t0 try and push myself more.  It was super fun and I really am glad I did it! It combined lifting, interval training and delayed fasting. Now that I am done with the six week session I am trying to stick with some of the same concepts. Yesterday I did a 5.5 mile run. I warm up for 10 minutes, then do 8 minutes of interval/speed training, then I did another 30 minutes of running.  I do that workout two days a week and then one legs day, arm day and HIIT day. I never used to lift at all but now I’m trying to do way more of that.  I’ve really noticed a difference.


My favorite workout wear are as follows:


Leggings- I love these for compression, these for capris, and these for everyday/working out and really want these and these.


Tops- Favorite long sleeve, favorite tank, favorite tee.


Hat- Normally I work out in this hat if I wear one but I can’t find it! I really like it because it keeps some of the sweat off of my face.


Shoes- Running shoes here. I have really flat feet so I have to wear shoes with really high support, General workout shoes, because they’re cute.


Face oil– I know that seems like an odd thing to put on a workout list, but if I don’t use it after I shower, my skin dries out and breaks out. I find this works best for me.




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