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March 5, 2020
Free People Tie-Dye Top

Free People Tie-Dye Top

Top: Free People, Jeans: Good American, Shoes: Gola

I love shapewear. I find there are certain looks that just cannot be done without. Picking the right styles can be hard when you’re first starting out, so having some idea of where to start is helpful. Here are some questions you should ask yourself as you are picking out what to buy.

What are you going to wear it with?

There are some styles that do not mix and match. If you are going to wear jeans or tight pants, going with a shorts style shapewear will just cause problems. I have tried to wear shorts with jeans and you end up with your shapewear rolled in a ball which is not a good look. I have found with jeans/tight pants, the only one you want to go with is with a brief, thong, or bodysuit. If you are wearing a lace shirt or something you would need a cami under, a bodysuit is a great alternative. They are so pretty and stay tucked in.

If you are wearing a dress then shorts, a bodysuit, or slips are great. I love that SKIMS has some now with a high leg on one side if you have a slit in your dress. Make sure when you are trying it on with your dress that it is fully covered when you sit, stand, or walk. There is nothing worse than having shapewear make an appearance in your outfit.

If I am going to a wedding or a dressier event, I generally wear it as tight as I can stand. As an event where I know you will be taking pictures and seeing a lot of people, I can stand a little discomfort. Make sure you do not get it too tight where you can tell exactly where the shapewear ends. You do not want to end up with an extra roll from that.

How long are you going to wear it?

If it is shapewear that you plan to wear for a very long day you may not want to go as tight. I have worn shapewear to wedding or an event where it does not matter how long I wear it because I am moving around but if it is a day long convention where you will be sitting the whole time, you may want to rethink that.

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Will you be sitting or standing?

If you are sitting for a long part of the day, you may want to consider a bodysuit because they stay in place a little better sitting down. I also would recommend going looser so that you are not uncomfortable. If you will be walking around or standing, shorts can start to ride up so make sure that they are in place so you do not have an issue there.

What are your areas of concern?

I know it seems like such an obvious question but if you don’t need coverage in a certain area than why wear something to cover it. I really like shapewear that flattens my stomach, so I generally do not wear any short style shapewear. I have in years past, but I do not wear them any longer. The bodysuits or brief styles are the way to go for me. I find that I can wear them for a whole day comfortably and they accomplish what I need.

This is a sculpting high waist brief, it is probably my favorite style. It is very versatile. If you want to only get one style this is the way o go.  I found a large to fit better in this style for me.

This is a body suit. It is one of my favorite styles but can be limiting if you need something that does not have straps.


This is probably the most classic style but if you need to wear it with pants it can be limiting.


This style is great it you have a dress with a slit but still want shapewear on your one leg.



What are you favorite styles? Do you have any tips for finding the right shape wear? Make sure to check out my post on tips and tricks for keeping your house tidy.








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