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March 19, 2014

Nike Top, Hair TiesLemon Gu, Nike Capris, Running Belt, Lululemon Socks, Asics Shoes, Lululemon top  

Running became a huge hobby of mine over the last couple years.  I started marathon running when my husband and I were dating.  I am a very slow runner but really enjoy it at my own, turtle like, pace. Over the years, I have found a lot of tricks that help me in these long distance runs.  I have very flat feet so I had special orthodontics made for my shoes. I wear capris because, for long distance running, the fabric and cut of shorts tends to irritate my legs.  I have a running belt so that I don’t snag all of my running shirts when pinning race bibs to them. I also pay very close attention to the seams on the shirts that I buy to make sure that they won’t irritate my arms for the long haul. All of this may seem over the top, but if you’re going to be running for five-plus hours, you’ll need it! The products listed above are my tested and approved marathon favorites!    


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