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April 8, 2016



Shirt: Chic Wish, Artichoke Statuette, Extensions:  Irresistible Me

Happy Friday! Today is my last day as a stay at home Mom. Monday I go back to work, Penelope goes back to school and finally life gets a little bit more normal. I hope! I have been so lucky to have such a supportive group of colleagues and employer to take so much time off of work to be with Penelope while she was in the hospital and at home recovering. I am currently sitting in my car writing this post because my little peanut fell asleep in the car while we were dropping off her big sister. Thank heavens for laptops!

I wanted to share some photos of my hair with my clip-in extensions. I’ve had leave in extensions before and I’ve also done clip-in extensions. The ones that I am wearing here are great because you can take them in and out. I like that because I’ve found that I don’t want them in for a whole six weeks. They can be a little hard to maintain and I find that I only want them for certain things and not everyday. I love this site because they have so many great videos on how to pick colors, length and how to put them in. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of hair you get as well.

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I teased about this on my Instagram. On Wednesday this week there is an event here in Minneapolis called Minnstafashion. The event is at the W Hotel and is put on my the Scout Guide. I am so excited to get to have a night out! More details can be found here about the event and a place to RSVP. There will be hair products by Scruples, fashion by local designers and some pop up shops. Hope to see you all there!






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