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January 10, 2018

My family has been sick for pretty much all of the last three weeks. We have had influenza, colds, sore throats headaches, and one ended up with a skin infection! So, needless to say, we have been a little down and out. I went for a massage yesterday that seemed to give me a new lease on life. Ha! I’ve been trying to stay caught up on sleep as well since I am in my final trimester. So, if I’ve been a little MIA that’s why!

I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty items that I’ve been using for a while. You’ll notice that I have way too many different foundations. For me, that is the thing I switch out the most. It may seem odd that I have three different ones on my list but that’s because I use them all for different things.


Mac ‘perfect light color’ – the color I use is called ‘naked lunch’ (seriously, who names these shadows). It is a great light color without being white. It stays on really well. I either wear it alone or with a darker color in the crease of my eye.

best face brush cleaning combo – I use this brush with foundation and some lotions. The brush does a great job of getting makeup on evenly. The cleaning pad works very well. I normally use some baby soap and water to clean my brushes.

cc cream – this is one of the many foundations I switch between. Ha! I love that it fills in wrinkles and gives my skin a younger look. I also love that it has a SPF of 35. Another supergoop! product I love is this setting mist with a SPF 50.

eyeshadow or bronze brush – I use this brush to put on my eyeshadow or for putting bronzer on my nose. It really works well for both.

eyeshadow base (painterly) – I wear this shadow both alone and under things. It stays on really well and also seems to hold my other shadows in place. This is a great product to even out your skin color.

matte finish foundation – I use this foundation for daily wear and I love the matte finish. It really stays on well and isn’t too shiny.

tinted moisturizer – I use this foundation on days I want light coverage or if I am just going to the gym. I wear it a lot in the summer when I am more tan too. When picking a color for tinted moisturizer I always recommend to go with a little darker shade. That way you get the appearance of being a little more tan.

mascara – this mascara is so easy to layer on and wears really nicely. I hate when mascara flakes off of your eyes.

eyeliner – this eyeliner would stay on for days, I swear. I really like how easy it goes on and how it stays there.

setting powder РI put my foundation on and then I put this setting powder over top. It keeps  everything in place and then gives your face a more matte look.

concealer – I get really dark circles under my eyes. This products is a miracle worker! I always go a shade lighter to help balance out my dark circles. I put this on first and then use my foundation.

hourglass blush (mood exposure) – this blush gives a bronzing effect and adds some pink to your face. I actually cannot believe how much I like this blush.

This palette is amazing and on sale for $19. It’s great for highlighting, bronzer and blush.


Urban decay after glow palette in front of Christmas tree



I hope you have a great week! Thank you for stopping by!






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