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April 5, 2017

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I know this had been a really delayed recap! I wanted to share photos from Disney, but I had space issues on my computer so I couldn’t load them! We just had way too many cute photos not to share them all!  We had so much fun at Disney. I actually was taken aback by how much I enjoyed it personally. We stayed at a Disney property, which I would totally do again.  It was really nice to get on a bus and just be right at the park. I also liked how the different resorts had themes, my older daughter really enjoyed that.  The other nice thing about staying on site was that the pool was AMAZING and they had all the things you would need for a small kid (cribs, high chairs etc.) right in the room. I think when we go back next time we would mix some pool days in with our park days.

When we were at Disney, we used a grocery delivery service and got a lot of food delivered to the room.  Most days we ended up bringing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the park for the girls (despite my best efforts, I have two picky eaters). I liked doing that because I can’t handle eating out seven days in a row. We brought a small cooler into the park with snacks for the girls and then normally my husband and I grabbed something small in the park.

Before we went on the trip, I found some really cute kids clothes at Gap for the girls.  They have this adorable Disney section (who knew?).  I was so happy with all the stuff I bought beforehand that I didn’t think I would end up buying anything in the park.  My husband didn’t believe me for a second. Ha! Dahlia, my older daughter, wanted everything she could get her hands on! I think my favorite thing that she fell in love with were these baby characters.  I wanted to buy her all of them by the end of the trip! We did end up leaving with a bubble wand and a Chip cup as well.  One of the things we did there was this Beauty and the Beast play.  It was so cute. Belle comes out and the kids act out the movie.  Dahlia was picked to be Chip.  She was so into it.  It was really cute to see and we had a blast watching her. All she had to do was “hop” around when she was called up and you guys, she totally nailed it!

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Dahlia did a bunch of rollercoasters.  We were totally shocked that she wanted to go on them.  She will not even tube behind the boat at the lake in the summer.  It is fun to see yourself in your kids and watching her go on the rollercoaster reminded me of some fun memories I have with my Dad when I was a kid.  Dahlia would have gone on rollercoasters all day if we had let her! I am excited to take her to some theme parks near us this summer.

I told my husband when we booked this trip that I wouldn’t want to go back until the girls were much older and then at the end of the trip I turned to him and asked, “When is the soonest we can come back?” I have a feeling it will be awhile but I am going to work on him!






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  • Reply Melissa @ Loving Life Moore April 5, 2017 at 8:40 am

    This looks SO fun! I’m hoping to surprise my husband with a Disney trip for us and our two boys when he’s back from deployment, and this gets me so excited!!! I love the idea of using grocery delivery while there, too. There’s no issue with the hotel?

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