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How to build a Maternity Wardrobe…

March 7, 2018

Sweatshirt: A pea in a pod (similar here), Pants: Target, Bracelet: Tory Burch


It is funny how much can change in five years! When I was pregnant with my first, five year ago, I had this major phobia of being pregnant on the internet. I think I quit taking photos of myself at like 25 weeks. Then, with my second pregnancy, I took some photos but was still a little shy about it. Now with this one, I am fully embracing it and doing a post on maternity style. Ha! This top was one of my FAVORITE tops that I got when I was pregnant with my second. I have worn it so much this pregnancy because I think it is is really fun. Here are my tips for building a maternity wardrobe.

Get a great pair of Jeans

Invest in a great pair of jeans. I did this with my first and I have worn the same pair through all my pregnancies. One of my favorite brands of jeans is AG Jeans. I bought a pair of theirs that was the most basic I could find. I wanted a pair that was dark in color, with no distressing and that was a skinny leg. I think I spent around $200 on the pair I bought, but figured if I invested in a good fitting pair they would last me through all my pregnancies. I had to admit they are getting a little stretched out now so I don’t think I would be able to wear them for a 4th pregnancy.

If this is your first pregnancy, you will likely find that you can wear the same size of maternity jeans throughout your whole pregnancy and they will be the same size that you wear when not pregnant. I got pants that have the high belly band and I love them. Some of my friends prefer the maternity jeans that button in front but have extra room on the sides. I have never owned a pair like that so I cannot offer advice on which is better. I can tell you that maternity jeans are way more comfortable than non-maternity, so the sooner you switch the happier you’ll be!


Get some great basic tops

I decided to create a capsule maternity wardrobe so that I didn’t invest in too much maternity stuff. If you can, accessorize your basic tops with capes, necklaces or cardigans. Make sure to buy accessories that you can wear once the baby arrives. Sometimes it seems like you’ll be pregnant forever but I promise you won’t! I got a couple t-shirts that I really like, both long and short sleeve shirts that I knew I could wear a lot. I liked the ones that had ruched sides to show off my belly. The loose and baggy shirts can just make you look bigger.


Get a dress

I got a couple of dresses and would recommend investing in at least one. I would say this one here is my favorite (you can see a post of me wearing here). Otherwise, if you’re looking for a more casual dress, I like this one (you can see a post of me wearing it here). They both hold up really well, they are easy to dress up or down, and the price point is great for the quality. The lace one would be great if you have any formal events coming up.  You can wear it with tights, heels, bright lipstick, and really make a statement with it. If you’re looking to wear it in a less formal way, you could totally wear the same dress with flats and make it work too.


One Dressy Top

I don’t think I’ve shared my sequins top on here yet but I wear it to church sometimes, New Years’ parties, girls’ nights out, and on date nights; you get the idea. It’s just nice to have a statement top that you feel cute in! Here is a great place to start looking for those. If you’re working outside the home, get a top or two that you could wear to work with a sweater too. That way you get some use out of it besides just after work hours.


That is a great place to start on building a maternity wardrobe that you can use over and over! It can seem so overwhelming to get started but I promise it is not as bad as you think! If you have an questions you can always e-mail me at I am happy to help!









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