June 2, 2017


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette– When you follow the steps it makes a huge difference in your coloring on your face.  The instructions always tell you things you can do to have a more sliming look.

Face Brushes– I love these brushes.  They get your face so clean.

Nars Pallete– I love Nars make-up! Their palettes are the best!

T3 blow dryer– I can’t stand how long it takes to dry my hair. I got this professional dryer and it has changed how quickly I can get out the door.

ghd straightener– My favorite flat iron.  I really like how well these work and how quickly they heat up.

Brush and brush cleaner– These are two of my favorite beauty products.  I use the cleaner on all my brushes.

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Brow products– This kit is such an easy way to fill in your eyebrows.

Lip kit (the one in the picture is sold out)- I LOVE the colors of these and they show you a picture of the color on many different skin tones.  These ones are amazing too!

Lash Serum– Love this one, it works so well and the tube lasts a long time.

Kate Spade Perfume–  Love this scent and this is great for traveling.


Happy Friday! I had a really fun and busy week. Since the girls are off of school, we had a lot more flexibility in our schedule this week.  Just wanted to share some of my favorite make-up finds!





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