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Snow Storm…

March 5, 2018




Happy Monday! We are supposed to get a snow storm that lasts from this morning all the way into tomorrow morning.  I was so enjoying the warmer weather we got this weekend and now we’re getting snow! I guess I should look at the positive the temperatures are much more mild. That does count for something.  I do not however look forward to driving today on these icy roads!

I wanted to share some of my favorite tops up above! You’ll notice that I added some commentary on them just to give you specific reasons why I love them! I want to buy them all but I know I won’t lose the baby weight as quickly as I want so I need to control myself. Ha!  There is part of me that feels like I still have a long way to go but I am under four weeks so I need to start organizing what I need for post baby.  One would think I have it all together by now since this is my third child! Somehow a bunch of my stuff is missing or not what I want anymore.  We have gone through like three moves since I had my second so I guess that is to be expected…. right? I hope you all get a great start to your weeks!








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