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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide….

February 3, 2017

photo via Mindy Mae’s Market found here

Happy Friday! We are having so much fun here in Marco Island! We have our little routine going.  We watch the men play tennis, we go to the beach, then we normally round it out with lunch.  After that, the girls take naps and I head to the beach. Then, when they wake up, I bring them to the beach to play and then after dinner I put them to bed.  I just love being outside! It’s been great.  We’ve gotten a little stir crazy being inside so much this winter. Today when the girls and I were grocery shopping, we picked up some Valentine’s for my parents and a few others.  I wanted to share some bigger Valentine’s Day gifts, besides just picking up the yummy pink and red treats you get at the grocery store.


Below you can find some great gifts for bestie or some cute things for yourself.  Find my Valentine’s Day look here!  Have a great weekend everyone.



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