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Marco Island…

September 11, 2017

My husband proposed in the hut behind me in this photo!

Normally while Dahlia and I wait for my younger daughter to wake up we head to the beach to play in our pajamas!

Our favorite breakfast stop for crunchy french toast, Nene’s!

The Naples Zoo!

We love going to Quinn’s for dinner and watching the fire dance at Sunset.

Dahlia’s favorite Dinner spot, Quinn’s

I love all the pretty board walks to get to and from the beach!

A photo from our wedding on my parent’s balcony.

Enjoying the amazing sunset on the beach.

Funny to think this was our first Christmas card.

My parents!

The previous five photos were taken by Louis Venne

We normally spend most of the day on the beach and my dad sets up a canopy for shade!

Stealing a kiss from my little lady.

The splash pad queen. She loves spending time at the park!

Marco Island is such a special place to me. I had to do a post on it in light of the crazy weather from hurricane Irma they are getting there now! My family has been going down there for years and now my parents live there in the winter. My husband and I got engaged and married on Marco Island so it is extra special to us because of that.  I shared some photos of my girls at their favorite spots in Marco. We love going to the Marriott, the splash pad at Mackle Park, Nene’s, the Naples Zoo and many other places in the area. I hope all of them make it through the storm!

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I will try to keep you all updated as we find out more! We have so many friends that also go to Marco Island as well. Make sure to keep the people of Marco Island in your prayers.







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