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May 4, 2016


Brush Cleaning MatEye Shadow, Blush, Lipgloss, Lip Pencil, Lip Crayon3DHD KabukiMedium Sweeper3DHD PrecisionAngled ContourFlat Kabuki


Make-up brushes are a perfect Mother’s Day gift.  They’re something that your mom may not buy for herself but something she would use every day.  This is one of my favorite brushes because I can put my make up on really fast and I love how it goes on.  You use less make-up and get less oil from your hands on your face. Here are some of the reasons I like the brushes and info about them from Sigma’s website.  It’s always hard to me to tell where to use a brush on my face! The quality is amazing and the prices aren’t bad.

Brush Cleaning Mat– This is amazing. It makes such a difference in getting your blushes clean. I always struggled to get my brushes clean enough.  It makes a GREAT gift.

3DHD Kabuki – Great for all over. Uniquely designed for all areas of the face to apply liquid, cream and powder products uniformly on every curve, crease and angle. This brush is great for under eyes.

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Medium Sweeper– This brush features a dense, wide brush head, ideal for exact product placement on lid. Great universal brush for cream or powder products.

3DHD Precision–   It was uniquely designed for smaller areas of the face to apply liquid, cream and powder products uniformly on every curve, crease and angle.  Great for eye shadow base or blemish spots.

Angled Contour–  This is the must-have brush for powder bronzer and blush to achieve a gentle contour. Making Contouring really easy!

Flat Kabuki – This brush features a flat top brush head with very soft and dense fibers.  This brush provides a flawless, high definition finish with liquid or cream foundation without any absorption of product. LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush.


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