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Josephine Randal…

April 20, 2018

Photos by Anna Ligocki



Happy Friday!! I wanted to take a little time off after baby was born, so it may seem like I’ve waited awhile to post anything on Pink and Navy Stripes. I have been so enjoying my baby snuggles that I don’t want to miss this phase. The newborn period is so short!

Josephine Randal Truax was born on April 3rd. She shares a birthday with her grandma. She kept us guessing until the very end if she was ever going to come out on her own! I was five days overdue and ended up having to be induced. I was so nervous going into it but it turned out to be way easier to be induced compared to my other labors.

I refer to Josephine as Josie a lot. We had such a hard time naming her that we ended up naming her about thirty minutes before we left the hospital. I thought it would be easier to name her once she was born. I would not recommend that to anyone. Have a name picked out ahead of time. Ha! Truth be told, my husband picked the name and it’s absolutely perfect for her.

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Josie has been sleeping so well and has been really easy so far. We have all really adjusted well to having a new baby around which has been a huge blessing! I was so nervous for the adjustment. I’ve been getting some extra help here and there from family and friends which has been really nice. We have really been able to ease into it!






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