Pineapple Party…

June 14, 2017

Girls: Shirts: Gap, Shorts: Gap, Penelope’s Shoes: Gymboree (only $13)


Am I the only person that feels like sometime you end up having like five birthday parties for your kids? My husband and I have families that live in two different towns so we end up doing a party each place and then normally a little celebration on each girl’s birthday. This weekend we had a joint party for the girls.  I had a pineapple party theme. Both girls were not having the photos at all! Which made for some funny pictures to capture what we wanted. It is so funny to me how much kids enjoy looking at photos but refuse to take them! Eventually they caved and we did get some really cute ones.

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One of my favorite places to get birthday cakes is at Whole Foods. They always do an amazing job. I have gotten some really cute cakes from them in the past too (make sure to check these out, like for reals).  Last year we had our neighbor girl make them.  She did such an amazing job but she was out of town this year so we couldn’t have her make one (here are her cakes, she was twelve when she made these). Penelope still gets one more party this weekend. I haven’t even ordered a cake yet. Hopefully I can come up with a non-cake dessert for her to have. If you have any ideas, I’ll take them!





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  • Reply Kari June 14, 2017 at 8:35 pm

    My son loves getting the giant cookie from Hy-Vee!

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