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April 20, 2019

photos by anna ligocki



When I started Pink and Navy Stripes back in 2012 I did not know where it would take me, how it would evolve over time, and how much joy it would bring me. I wish I still had a picture of what it looked like when I first started! Two and a half years ago I left my full time job to stay and home and continue working on Pink and Navy  Stripes. At that point, I always posted three times a week, sometimes four. I found myself getting stressed out by deadlines I created for myself and losing some of the joy that I found in writing this website.

When I got pregnant with Josie I decided that once she was born I would slow it down for a full year. My plan was to  just focus on Instagram and a local magazine that I am a contributing writer for. Since I did not get to stay at home with my older girls for their first year, I wanted to really take the time and enjoy one of my favorite phases. Let me tell you… It has been an amazing year!

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All that being said, I am excited to start sharing more regular posts with you again! I may be a little slow to start at first. We are on a family vacation right now and we are running a marathon next week (yikes). Make sure to follow my Instagram (@pinkandnavystripes) to follow along in the meantime!





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