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September 25, 2017



It’s time for me to get ready for our next family photo session! I have a love hate relationship with family photos. I LOVE the photos and our photographer, but I get way too stressed about our family outfits. I think my love of fashion and my desire to have all the coordinating looks styled together gets the best of me. I have yet to be disappointed with how our outfits look in our photos but yet here I am, stressed about it! This year, my big dilemma is how much do I have the girls match? Should I do some matching and some more color coordinating? I have ordered some extra items to put together looks and then I’ll decide from there! Step 1 is figuring out if they have jeans that still fit them. A couple of years ago I found the perfect gap jeans and bought them in two sizes. I wish I had bought more because I haven’t found a pair for the girls I like better! I wanted to share a highlight reel of some of my favorite photos from Penelope’s first year.  All these photos were taken by the amazing Anna Ligocki.

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These are from Penelope’s three month photos.


One of my favorite pictures of Dahlia!

These are from our six month photos with Penelope in December

Love this photo of the four of us!

These photos are so special to me because we took them shortly after Penelope got out of the hospital.

Can you even?

Penelope’s one year session

Dahlia is wearing the amazing jeans. Ha!


All photos by Anna Ligocki Photography.

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