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August 22, 2013
Marc by Marc Jacobs




A couple of days ago, I posted my favorite baby things and forgot a few items so here they are.  I use this Marc tote to carry all her stuff. I haven’t seemed to mastered the art of efficiently packing a bag.  Every time we go any where I seem to have that tote packed to the brim.  I am hoping it is something I will master sooner rather than later.  I have the black but I think the grey is so attractive.

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The Woombie is the best because my daughter is a little bit of a Houdini and seems to get out of everything. For daytime naps we put her in a Woombie and then at night I put her in a Halo. The one thing I really love about the Woombie is that their feet can be out, so if we put her in it she can still be in a swing or a bouncy chair.

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