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Keeping it Casual…

March 21, 2018



Happy Wednesday! For me lately all I can think about is all the things I have to do to get ready for baby to come! It seems like I get less done every day than I would like too. Which obviously is not ideal but I am enjoying getting some extra time with the two other girls before things get really busy again. When I am shopping online my mind is on keeping it casual.  Ha! Once baby arrives I know I’ll want to be in only loose fitting casual clothes. How cute are those quilted tennis shoes? I added some notes by each item so you can see what I like about them.

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I’m also totally nervous about my hair falling out! Has anyone else had that issue with their pregnancies? I’ve been trying some new shampoos and taking  collagen to hopefully help combat some of that. I also need to start taking my biotin again.  Maybe all these things will help! I’ll take any advice I can get!









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